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​John 21:17 - Jesus said, "Feed my sheep."




Juror 11 will take you on a journey into a courtroom where you will take your place in one of the 12 chairs located in the jury panel box. While you are seated in your leather chair, you will hear the details of a murder trial. When you've heard all the evidence submitted in this case, you have the chance to determine the guilt or innocence of the man on trial by going to our website, www.juror11.com. There you will find a verdict form that will allow you to assign guilt or innocence of the defendant, who has been charged with 6 felony crimes.

After you have communicated your verdict, your suspense filled journey will continue into the deliberation room where the actual trial discussions will be revealed to you as the jurors attempted to balance truth and impartiality. You'll discover shocking reasons why some jurors want to tip the scales of justice, even if it means shying away from the evidence.

It will leave you asking: Who judges the jury?

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