Parents, do you want your children to listen to you? Do you want them to listen to you because you have wisdom to share with them that might help them prevent making bad decisions that will have a negative impact on their life? Do you want your children to obey you because they love you very much? Have you ever noticed your child not listening to your voice out of love and you had to use another motivational tool named fear to get their attention?

Do you think God treats his children the same as many parents treat their children? Do you think God loves His children very much? Do you think God has wisdom to share with his children that can prevent them from making bad decisions that will have a negative impact on their life? Do you think you have something in common with your creator, God Almighty? Will you speak to God today and say thank you for caring about me, and giving me an example on how to live my life here on earth when you gave me your only begotten son, Jesus Christ? I ask these questions so that you may tell your children what you have in common with God. The goal is simply to have you tell a story about the history of God with someone in your family so that they can understand the amount of time, energy, and careful consideration God used in creating a life in this world for us. At the dinner table when you are sharing a memory of your grandfather with your children, don’t forget to share a memory how God has touch your life, your marriage and this great nation we call the United States of America. IN GOD WE TRUST!

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​John 21:17 - Jesus said, "Feed my sheep."